Supportive Resources: Sample Publications

Magazines, peer-reviewed journals, newspapers, websites, and book chapter:

• Affiliate of Harvard University’s Pluralism Project, “The Wedding Planners: An American Muslim Wedding.” (
• Thesis publication, Book Chapter 13: “The Islamic Center of New England,” published in Muslim Communities in North America, Eds. Yvonne Y. Haddad & Jane Smith (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1994)
• “Abercrombie & Fitch’s obligation to live [and let live] in the world,” Quincy Patriot Ledger, Op-Ed, March 7, 2015
• “Time for American Muslims to take the lead,” or [“American Muslims are Different: Our Country First”] Quincy Patriot Ledger, Op-Ed, January 24, 2015
• “Bless Your Own Baby,” Fountain magazine, May/June 2015
• “Contemplative Practices: A Comparative Perspective on Different Faith Traditions,” Fountain magazine, May/June 2013
• “End-of-Life Care and the Chaplain’s Role on the Medical Team,” Journal of the Islamic Medical Association of North America, (JIMA),Volume 43, Page 173 (2011)
• “At God’s Door: A New Life,” Fountain magazine, Fountain magazine, July/August, 2011
• “Forgiving Dad,”, 2010
• “Making it up as I go Along: The Formation of a Muslim Chaplain,” published in Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry, Herbert Anderson, ed. Volume 29. 2009
• “In the Presence of the Sick, the Grieving, the Lonely,” AZIZAH magazine, Volume 5, Issue 2, 2009
• “An American Muslim in Istanbul,” Fountain magazine, #63, May 2008
• “On Being a Female Chaplain,” Islamic Horizons magazine, July/August 2007
• “My Trip to Turkey,” Zaman Newspaper (Turkish online), May 2007
• “Breaking the Silence,” The Beacon, August 10, 2006
• “Common Bonds,” The Beacon, February 3, 2005
• “Reflections on the Anniversary of September 11,” The Beacon, September 2002
• “Muslims’ Values Not So Different From Americans’,” Quincy Patriot Ledger, June 1993
• “Should Iraqi Muslims follow Saddam?” Quincy Patriot Ledger, September 1990


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